My phone rings.

“Hi dad.”



“It’s your dad!”


“Listen to me!”


“Are you listening?!”


“Ok, what are you doing New Year’s Day?!”

“I don’t know yet.”

“Wanna go ice fishing?!”


“I hate ice fishing!”


“We’d have to get up early, like 5:00!”

“I don’t know, that’s a little early.”

“If we don’t go early, there’s no sense in goin’ at all!”

“Well, I’m doing shows New Year’s eve and I’ll probably be out pretty late.”

“Look, I don’t like ice fishing anymore than you!”

“Why do you want to go then?”

“Well, I know how you hate regular fishing and it’s not fair that I drag you along to do something you hate just because I love it. This way, we will both be doing something we hate and we can talk about how bad it is. So are you going to come?! You can sleep at our house! Your mother already made your bed!”

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